Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Our clients decide on a target area and ad type. You can choose flyers, door hangers, circulars, brochures, signs, or human billboards. We develop custom color coded maps of the areas you select and provide them to you for final approval prior to the start of the campaign. Our distribution team members will deliver your ad to the areas that you choose. You can select single family homes, apartments, businesses, hand to hand, or any combination of the four. Areas can be targeted by zip code, city, area, or specific neighborhoods.

Who Delivers My Ads?

We were the first Front Door Marketing Agency in the industry to dispatch our distribution teams from coast to coast. We never outsource or broker the delivery of our clients ads. All deliveries are performed by our in-house distribution teams. Each team member is neat in appearance and required to wear a company uniform and identification lanyard.

What Does A Campaign Cost?

Our rates are very affordable. Each campaign is customized based on the client’s needs. We work with each client to scale a program that fits within their budget. You can expect rates as low as .25 cents per door based on volume and includes color print and solo distribution.

Is There A Minimum Quantity?

Yes, we require a 25,000 ad minimum for each delivery campaign. In some cases a client may wish to test market an area with a lower quantity that is less than the required minimum; in this case, the campaign rate is slightly higher per piece. Contact our office for further details.

What Gets The Best Response?

There are several factors that effect response rates and there’s no magic formula. Some clients prefer one ad medium over another. However, a well designed attractive ad that has a strong message, along with a persuasive offer will typically garner a measurable response.

Do You Provide Proof of Delivery?

Our organization prides itself on providing our clients with useful and effective tools that enhance the advertising experience. One of those tools is our DoorTracker Proof of Performance App. Available for download in the App Store, this is our proprietary, cloud based, field monitoring mobile application. Each agent is equipped with a small GPS camera that sends time stamped photos over a digital cloud in real-time where our clients are able to monitor the photos from their desktop via DropBox. This system also delivers an end-of-day wrap-up report that will include GPS Address Reports, KMZ Google Earth 3D coverage maps, and Photo-Map Reports with Time-Stamped Addresses embedded in each photo for delivery verification.

Why Are Door Hangers Effective?

Door Hangers have long been considered the ad of choice for those advertisers looking for a competitive edge in an uncluttered environment. Companies such as Sprint, Home Depot, and Walmart have discovered that Door Hangers provide that solution. In addition to their affordability, Door Hangers delivered to a consumer’s front door can be a great way of announcing a grand opening,  and creating product awareness. They are also very effective for acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, and promoting your business. All while saving thousands over the cost of direct mail advertising.

Are Ads Ever Combined?

No. We never combine ads. All ads are delivered solo.

What Markets Are Covered?

We cover the entire U.S., every state, city, and town.